Orion: signmate

Content management software including Face recognition

Designed specifically for marketing and security, SignMate CMS delivers the best digital signage experience with our RSM and SPVM. Includes a layout template feature that allows yo...

American Dynamics: addsam50u10

Intellex Archive Manager 5.0, valid for up to 10 intellex units, USB port hardware key

ADDSAM50U10 Intellex Archive Manager works seamlessly with Intellex to manage and organize stored video, audio, and text data on network-attached storage (NAS) devices. Easily acce...

American Dynamics: addsnc50

Intellex Network Client v5.0, management/config/viewing SW

Intellex is the only digital video management system on the market with a single remote management software program that works with every Intellex platform. Install ADDSNC50 Network Client<...

American Dynamics: addspm50u10

Intellex Policy Manager 5.0, valid for up to 10 Intellex units, USB port hardware key

ADDSPM50U10 Intellex Policy Manager provides additional security for a collective network of Intellex units and remote workstations running either Network Client or third party sof...

American Dynamics: adnscx-sm

Single Site Login with SQL Database, Single License

The American Dynamics ADNSCX-SM is a Cx Site Manager Software, with single site login with SQL Database, Single License.


Also Available:

Digital Watchdog: dw-spectrumlsc

Single DW Spectrum IPVMS License / No Annual Renewal, No Upgrade Required

DW-SPECTRUMLSC DW Spectrum is a powerful and user-friendly IP Video Management software, highly optimized to provide unlimited scalability, unmatched bandwidth savings and simplifi...

Crestron: uc-c160-t

Crestron Flex C160-T UC Video Conference System Integrator Kit for Microsoft Teams Rooms

The Crestron Flex C160-T system (UC-C160-T) provides a customizable video conference room solution for use with the Microsoft Teams intelligent communications platform. It supports...

Pelco: videoxpert-enterprise

VideoXpert Enterprise v 3.1 Software Scalable Video Management and Surveillance Software

Pelco's VideoXpert is a video management solution designed to fit surveillance operations of any size. Whether your operation has 100 cameras or 10,000, VideoXpert...

Pelco: videoxpert-pro-vxp-series

VideoXpert Professional: Video Management Solutions for midsize applications

VideoXpert Professional is a video management system (VMS) in a single box, designed for easy setup and robust monitoring in small or moderately sized applications. Designed for Wi...